Welcome to the firehouse chow hall

This section is an area that brings forth concepts, ideas, discussions, lectures, etc. That are not courses but have allot of educational value.

Here we may investigate an issue, discuss concepts of operational importance, and of course sessions that talk about incidents. It is our version of the firehouse dining room table.

Sit back and enjoy engaging conversations along with our use of graphical simulations to bring the real world problems to life.

If you have an incident or question please just email us and we will try to get a video made. Our list is long thanks to you, the response community, so it may take some time to get to your specific question! 

HazMat size up & first in considerations

A discussion with Capt. Greg Socks (ret)

Join, Greg and Armando on a discussion about first in considerations and scene size up at a chemical tanker that has been broadsided at an intersection by a pickup truck. We talk about some of the issues that should go through your mind when you roll up to this type of incident.

NFPA 470 what is that?

Let the past Chairman Greg Noll along with the present Chairman Rick Edinger take you on a NFPA journey!

The NFPA documents have been a part of emergency response for many years. In this discussion Rick and Greg discuss the past, present and future of the hazardous materials documents within NFPA. And yes Greg takes us back in the way back machine to understand where we have been. While Rick shares with us on where we are going.


An discussion with Ludwig Benner the father of hazmat thinking.

If you have been in HazMat for any length of time you have studied and used the models that Ludwig Benner put in play in the early days of HazMat response. Here we have the distinct opportunity to speak with the author of these models no other then Ludwig himself. As a personal friend had the honor of talking with him about his favorite subject.... HazMat Safety