Bringing life to the training you need.

HazMatTV's specialized video training makes learning convenient and cost-effective.

HazMatTV combines classroom-style instruction, live demonstrations, engaging experiments, simulated training situations, and helpful highlights loaded with the facts you need to safely protect the ones you serve. Using a diverse educational platform, our knowledgeable team of industry experts offer a one-stop-shop for your hazmat training and certification needs. Uniting wisdom with wit and facts with fun, the HazMatTV instructors deliver compelling content and top-notch teaching intertwined with comedy and creativity. And, as response needs evolve HazMatTV adapts alongside you—regularly adding and updating courses to reflect current guidelines and expand your expertise. As an additional learning resource, many of the HazMatTV classes include a printable DrillTime summary. A simple, targeted document provided as a memory guide for key points of interest, DrillTime aids in retention of vital information both during and after instruction time. HazMatTV also offers a multi-issue comic book publication, HazMat Man, available for printable download. This light-hearted teaching tool is loaded with practical applications delivered through action-packed stories. Keep scrolling to learn more about the different ways HazMatTV can streamline your training.

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Top-level Training. Time-saving Technology

HazMatTV—Virtual Training Platform

Safely navigating a hazardous materials event requires authority and confidence rooted in proper training. Keeping up-to-date on the latest protocols, understanding the wide range of equipment, and knowing how to quickly mitigate multi-level risk situations are just some of the critical components. With our one-of-a-kind Virtual Training Platform, HazMatTV—VTP, being fully equipped to respond is simple and affordable.

HazMatTV—VTP is available for individuals looking to advance their training or for agencies or departments as they implement and track training requirements. Both options offer HazMatTV’s engaging blend of highly-visual training coupled with a hazmat-specific, comprehensive tracking and education management software. Together, these two proprietary resources affordably streamlines certification, eliminates time-consuming micromanagement from the training process, and can even be customized to meet the look and needs of individual departments. For agencies, HazMatTV—VTP also integrates the ability to track readership and comprehension of documents by individual agency personnel, eliminating time wasted on tedious administrative management.


We understand the pressure created by decreased budgets with increased expectations. HazMatTV—VTP partners with you to save time and money with cost-conscious training management that includes:


  • HazMatTV’s cutting-edge, comprehensive video instruction

  • Quizzes, tests, and other embedded activities to ensure comprehension

  • Quarterly status reports and individualized training updates

  • Certificates upon course completion

  • Customized classes to update department processes and procedures

  • Integrated, non-traditional learning opportunities and more

Investigate how HazMatTV—VTP can serve you or your department.

Administrative proficiency for agency operations.

HazMatTV—Digital Resource Center


HazMatTV’s Digital Resource Center is an online toolbox readily equipped to serve as a resource library. A living document storage area for first responders, HazMatTV—DRC includes categorized information, reference books, and tools—all designed to enhance education and performance—structured in three easy-to-navigate sections. Each document includes annotated explanatory sections, some of which can be applied in the field while others provide further insight to a particular topic. Overall, the HazMatTV—DRC is designed for instructors at all levels to visit and revisit in order to improve educational delivery.

Technical Training Manuals

Within the ever-changing first response community, a growing number of instruction materials is to be expected. HazMatTV—DRC houses uniquely-designed technical training manuals highlighting both general and specific areas for performance and instruction. These Ebook-style guides provide targeted information about a wide variety of subjects in an easy-to-navigate format.


Operating Practices 

Emergency response frequently calls for Standard Operating Practices (SOPs). Requiring research and experience, these SOPs can be time-taxing brain drains when starting from scratch. After years of publication, creation and review, the HazMatTV—DRC offers customizable SOPs for agencies to download, edit, and retain as part of a personalized, readily-available, online library. 


Training Tools 

As the industry leaders in innovative hazmat training, HazMatTV—DRC offers the expertise of years of experience creating and executing engaging training. Many of these teaching tools can be learned and adapted to a specific trainer’s needs within the context of student-instructor interaction. Learning how to actively teach from the industry’s best provides a higher retention rate along with increased willingness and participation.


JITT - Just in Time Training

We are taking the last-minute education to an all-time new degree of training. Here we are gathering simple 1–2-minute videos to get you started to function on a hazmat incident. We know that the training that you had may have occurred months ago, or you just plain forgot the details of the operation. Here we are assembling simple videos to get you up and running hence just in time training!

Take the next step in enhancing administrative proficiency with HazMatTV—DRC.

Partnering with HazMatTV

Customized options to maximize budgets.

  • HazMatTV—VTP for Individuals

    Comprehensive responder training resource. • Wide variety of topics essential for first response • Highly-visual video simulations and demonstrations • Diverse learning experiences • Training updates and course certificates

  • HazMatTV—VTP for Agencies/Departments

    Includes the benefits of the Individual VTP experience plus: • Customizable video packages with your course selections • Status reports for all class participants • Ability to include your agency/department logo

  • HazMatTV—DRC for Agencies/Departments

    Easy-to-navigate administrative support site • Technical training manuals and resources • Templates for customizable SOPs • Innovative training tools for the trainers • Seamlessly interfaces with the HazMatTV—VTP

Sample Courses

Check out some of our most popular HazMatTV training video courses. These sample segments demonstrate some of what HazMatTV offers as part of the HazMatTV Specialized Video Training. With ever-increasing course instruction available, HazMatTV delivers engaging teaching on multiple topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the FAQs below. Still have a question? Please contact us!

  • What is HazMatTV?

    HazMatTV is dedicated to serving the first response community with options for engaging video training, course tracking, management, and customized administrative resources. With an innovative, highly-experienced teaching team, HazMatTV offers budget friendly, flexible options to deliver the training you need.

  • Who are the HazMatTV instructors?

    All of our instructors have real-world, first-hand hazmat response experience. You may recognize them from industry conferences as well as local and national trainings. Their names appear on many hazmat books and resources. To learn more and meet the team, visit our About page.

  • Why does this type of training work so well?

    Online training is both convenient and effective. With flexible options, HazMatTV ensures class participants are ready to learn and can repeat training as often as needed. Providing interactive, visually-stimulating, engaging content with printable materials, quizzes, simulations and more—high retention rates can be achieved for every style of learning.

  • What is the difference between the HazMatTV Virtual Training Platform and the HazMatTV Digital Resource Center?

    HazMatTV Virtual Training Platform encompasses all of the proprietary video courses created by HazMatTV. The courses can be purchased individually or as a package, either for a single user or for an entire agency or department. HazMatTV Digital Resource Center is a first responder resource library and a source of inspiration for trainers. It houses a wealth of information including training manuals, SOP templates, innovative teaching tools and more.

  • How can the HazMatTV Virtual Training Platform and the HazMatTV Digital Resource Center help an agency or department?

    When purchased as a package, the HazMatTV—VTP/DRC includes tracking tools for the training officer or person responsible for making sure each individual within a department is receiving and understanding the training. We can track each individual responder and present quarterly reports to the officer in charge of training. As agencies or departments add or update policies and procedures, HazMatTV—VTP/DRC offers a secure document portal to track and report compliance.

  • How can HazMatTV be customized?

    There are many ways to customize HazMatTV to your specific needs including everything from purchasing one class at a time, to course packages for individual responders, to entire training and tracking structures for multi-level agencies and departments. Course tracks are fully customizable, allowing students to view only the classes the trainer has selected. Reporting also can be customized, creating a streamlined system of training and an easy way to see which individuals within your agency or department have completed a course, passed a certification, or viewed a document. Another unique feature of HazMatTV is, while the classes are proprietary, the delivery look can be customized to include your department or agency name, logo, background banner picture, and more.